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    Original Wit-Color Eco-solvent Ink

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  • Original Wit-Color Eco-solvent Ink

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Features of Wit-Color Eco-solvent:

1) Vivid Color
Wit-Color Eco-solvent ink's color is much brighter and vivid with high color saturation than other brand's inks.

2) Smooth and Fluent Performance
More than 3 hours or 50 meters constant printing without nozzle blocking proved Wit-Color ink's high fluidity.

3)High Weatherability
Two years outdoor weatherability satisfied more customer, because more special application demands are met.

4)Proper Drying
Suitable drying speed prolonged the print head's using life obviously with better jetting straightness and without extra ink accumulation on the nozzle surface.

To provide environment-friendly product to world wide customers, Wit-Color's production process strictly followed national and international environment protection standards and eco-solvent ink’s professional requirements.

6)Outstanding Adhesion
Wit-Color ink has Good adhesion strength and spreadability, so the color presentation and color reductibility are much more accurate and much higher.

Original Wit-Color Eco-solvent Ink

Original Wit-Color Eco-solvent Ink

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